Sorry I haven’t posted, but im just out of origami ideas, alot of homework, got something HUGE that might change my life at school, and dont have time. So sorry. I’ll still keep my site up, but will barely post. But I made this post to ask You SF’s. Who plays Clash of Clans? If you do, tell me a cool clan! BYEEE


Ok, so today , I personally, and also together with Cam and Ella, think this was the BEST MINECRAFT DAY EVER! We mined for like 1 hour, found a Nether Fortress, and GOT RICH! I took pictures of chests of each mineral, and also of the 3 new things i built! HOPE  YOU ENJOY! PEACE OUT!

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Ok, so a week ago, I got Minecraft for PS3! I started to play with SF Camster and Ella, and we started a STOOKY survival world! I made tons of cool statues and stuff like that, and I wanted to show them to you! (sorry im alone in the pictures, but i took them when i was playing alone) Hope you enjoy! More posts coming soon!

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A Day in Minecraft PS3!


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Hey guys!

Haylo all you fellow supafolders! 😀 Both today and yesterday I edited my Minecraft stories, so I will update that soon. Speaking of Minecraft, Cammy, Xavier, and I all played on PS3 this afternoon (or for Xavier, night) in survival mode, in his world. 😛 Xavier had some really awesome statue/houses. If you’re confused by what I mean, I mean they were houses you could live in, but they were also 3D statues! One a squid, that Cam and I lived in, and one a cat, that Xavier lived in. Here they are:

The statue houses, squid on the left, cat on the right The statue houses, squid on the left, cat on the right

From left to right: me, Cammy, xavier From left to right: me, Cammy, xavier

Then we went mining. 😉 (usually my favorite part, but I enjoyed the other stuff a lot) Soon, we were like



Cam: Where?
Xavier: What?
Ella: Uh…

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Origami! And sadness!

First off, i have some sad news. Im not doing the contest. I ONLY GOT 1 ENTRY, and so im gonna shut down the contest! Sorry! Ok next, my birthday was march 2nd! IM 11 yay! And lastly,  here is some origami i just made! photo-43 Yoda using John’s instrux! photo-44

Cantina Band!

Edit: Brace Face and Oy30 told me ey are entering, so that makes 3 entries. If i get 5 more ( or ATLEAST) 3 more, in the nezt week, i will keep the contest going


YES IM FINALLY GONNA HAVE A CONTEST! I hope alot of people join, (minimum 6) and that alot will vote! The theme is fantasy movies! Hobbit, LOTR, Harry Potter, etc. The deadline is 2nd of march! *MY BIRTHDAY* REBLOG THIS EVERYWHERE PS: I personally would like if Chippy, Tyler, John, Camster, Brace Face. OY30, and Captain Origami would join!