My NEW current best Cover Yoda!

So, you probably saw my old best cover Yoda, on the ask yoda page, but i made a new one! Here it is!




Should i have another webmaster? Im not too sure, cause someone could destroy my blog. What do you think. And tell me in the comments if you want to be one. But only if more votes are for yes.


Should i change the theme?


Thank you, Cam!

So, Camster was the first one to visit my blog, so he can tell me what drawing to do! So, Cam, what should I draw for you! You were also the first one to follow my blog! Congratulations!


Hey SF’s! Its me, Sf Xavier! A lot of you were telling me that you couldn’t comment on my old blogspot blog, because it was google something. Whatever. So, I decided to make WP site! I will post origami, stories and other star wars and minecraft connected stuff. See ya soon on the next post, and hope you enjoy my blog!