The 100 REAL cover yoda chalenge!

So, since a lot of sf’s are doing different chalenges, i decided to do a 100 real cover yoda challenge! Ven if it seems like not a lot, it is. It will take alot of paper. To make the reall cover yoda, you take a full sheet of paper and cut a square, i will cut a square out of half a sheet, to not waste paper, cause here it costs alot. 🙂

I will be making the REAL Cover Yoda’s. I will fold them the same way Tom did, cause other people figured it out. And one thing. The eyes might be drawn on, but if not, they will look REALLY BAD , because its SOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD to fold them on the Cover Yoda. trust me. Will start soon. But only if you want so.


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