The Painting War

So, I live with Moochael on Corbacraft. We both have paintings inside our towers. But one day, when instead of a painting that I always have, there was a different one with a sign saying who made it, and it was “funny”. Guess who did it? Moochael! So then the “Painting Wars” started. We both put different paintings up and typed funny messages on the signs next to them. We both did it like 3 times. But now, I want it to end, but Moochael isn’t stopping! The End


sorry i don’t have screenshots of it. Ps: how do you use screenshots after you take them in MC. I mean where do you find them?


2 thoughts on “The Painting War

  1. The Iron Palkia says:

    Take the shot, click t for the chat bar, and double click the screenshot. When you close minecraft, it should be opened in Preview!

  2. SF_MyrMyr says:

    Also, to get to a minecraft screenshot, go to your .minecraft folder and click the screenshots folder. it should be there.

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