Ok, so a week ago, I got Minecraft for PS3! I started to play with SF Camster and Ella, and we started a STOOKY survival world! I made tons of cool statues and stuff like that, and I wanted to show them to you! (sorry im alone in the pictures, but i took them when i was playing alone) Hope you enjoy! More posts coming soon!

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A Day in Minecraft PS3!


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Hey guys!

Haylo all you fellow supafolders! 😀 Both today and yesterday I edited my Minecraft stories, so I will update that soon. Speaking of Minecraft, Cammy, Xavier, and I all played on PS3 this afternoon (or for Xavier, night) in survival mode, in his world. 😛 Xavier had some really awesome statue/houses. If you’re confused by what I mean, I mean they were houses you could live in, but they were also 3D statues! One a squid, that Cam and I lived in, and one a cat, that Xavier lived in. Here they are:

The statue houses, squid on the left, cat on the right The statue houses, squid on the left, cat on the right

From left to right: me, Cammy, xavier From left to right: me, Cammy, xavier

Then we went mining. 😉 (usually my favorite part, but I enjoyed the other stuff a lot) Soon, we were like



Cam: Where?
Xavier: What?
Ella: Uh…

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Origami! And sadness!

First off, i have some sad news. Im not doing the contest. I ONLY GOT 1 ENTRY, and so im gonna shut down the contest! Sorry! Ok next, my birthday was march 2nd! IM 11 yay! And lastly,  here is some origami i just made! photo-43 Yoda using John’s instrux! photo-44

Cantina Band!

Edit: Brace Face and Oy30 told me ey are entering, so that makes 3 entries. If i get 5 more ( or ATLEAST) 3 more, in the nezt week, i will keep the contest going