Origami! And sadness!

First off, i have some sad news. Im not doing the contest. I ONLY GOT 1 ENTRY, and so im gonna shut down the contest! Sorry! Ok next, my birthday was march 2nd! IM 11 yay! And lastly,  here is some origami i just made! photo-43 Yoda using John’s instrux! photo-44

Cantina Band!

Edit: Brace Face and Oy30 told me ey are entering, so that makes 3 entries. If i get 5 more ( or ATLEAST) 3 more, in the nezt week, i will keep the contest going


7 thoughts on “Origami! And sadness!

  1. Late Happy Birthday!
    Also, do you want to join in on my rebels case file at my blog? If you do, Hera(possible. thinking of not using her), Sabine, the inquisitor, and Zeb are still available.

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