Ask Xavier

On this page, you can ask me any questions about this site (or anything). If you need Jedi Master style advice, go to the “Ask Yoda” page. Hope I can help you. (:


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40 thoughts on “Ask Xavier

  1. SF Foldawan says:

    Though it’s your decision , I recommend that you make your background somethin’ a little brighter . It’s your choice though !

  2. If you want to make a slideshow, You have to make a post, and edit it. Then, You hit “add media” The go to “create rally” The when you done uploading photos, you can choose how you want it

  3. Its Darth Nhilus, (spelled something like that, i didn’t spell it perfectly) from the Old Republic. He was one of the most evil sith ever. I made him specially for my own OY book. I will post the cover soon.(That means now)

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